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Having started in the 1980s as a small group of biomedical and healthcare specialists, we have grown to a company that has expertise across the field of international development. We hold detailed understandings of logistical and infrastructural needs within a diversity of different countries. This allows us to deliver a comprehensive service, which includes:


Procurement & Supply,

Installation & Commissioning,

Management & Maintenance

Consultancy Services

Recruitment & Training


As a Procurement Agent, Frannan has gained long-standing experience in a wide variety of sectors, including education and training, agriculture and livestock, health and nutrition, public financial management, water and sanitation etc. Frannan provides services covering the complete procurement cycle – ranging from procurement planning, initial preparation of technical specifications & budgeting, tendering, evaluation of tender & award of contracts, up to contract management, organisation of inspection, monitoring of deliveries, installation & commissioning, claims and dispute management. Frannan has also been involved in various projects for the set-up of dedicated procurement and monitoring offices in order to handle local and foreign procurement. Other activities include the preparation of procurement legislation, regulations and accounting procedures, implementation of the procurement decree and the development of standard contracts, templates and forms.  


It is explicit Frannan policy to assure institutional strengthening, capacity building and training to beneficiaries during project implementation in order to guarantee sustainability of projects. All of Frannan’s projects for the provision of Procurement Agent Services have entailed some form of capacity building as Frannan works closely with counterpart staff, facilitating on the-the-job training to ensure the beneficiaries capacity to undertake procurement responsibly and ensure the sustainability of services. In addition, Frannan has conducted formal classroom based training programmes in procurement. These programmes have significantly strengthened procurement departments that were previously suffering from substantial operational difficulties to handle their procurement needs more efficiently.


From university projects in the Middle East and Southern Africa to science services in Jamaica, Frannan has demonstrated its knowledge of the scientific markets and an ability to deliver high technology equipment to the user.  An illustration of this capacity has been two European Development Fund projects:

The Strengthening of Health Laboratory Services in Jamaica involved the supply and installation of clinical and scientific analysis apparatus at 15 hospital laboratories and health centres throughout the island. To ensure that operators were fully conversant with the new technology, Frannan specialists also ran a series of on-site training programmes for technicians and biomedical engineers.  The contract was performed on time and to the satisfaction of all parties.

The University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of Veterinary Science project, was awarded against top quality European competition. Once again this involved Frannan in the supply, installation, commissioning and training in the use of sophisticated scientific equipment. Installation of some of the major capital items also required Frannan staff to call upon the services of local building contractors and for the use of heavy construction equipment under the guidance of Frannan’s project staff.



The origins of Frannan's success has been our services in international healthcare. These have led to involvement in major projects for important customers, including the United Nations, the Aga Khan Foundation, and government organisations world-wide.


Frannan’s first major international project was the Aga Khan University Hospital & Faculty of Health Sciences in Karachi, Pakistan.  As a prequalified supplier to the Aga Khan Foundation, Frannan won substantial contracts for medical equipment, furniture and supplies. In the later stages of the project, Frannan was employed by the project manager as a procurement agent to assist with and to ensure completion of the project on schedule.


Past Frannan healthcare projects also include equipment and procurement consultancy for government hospitals in Saudi Arabia, capital equipment supply for the Victoria Hospital in the Seychelles, and the supply and installation of high technology equipment for the Georgetown Hospital in Guyana.


Frannan continued with the supply and delivery of medical equipment and furniture to the Princess Marina Hospital and District and Primary Hospitals in Botswana, providing a range of top quality equipment from major European and American manufacturers. These companies have worked closely with Frannan on numerous projects over the years, often using Frannan as their representative in territories where we hold a strong presence.



As a Management Consultant, Frannan has set up project offices in various locations designed to assist and strengthen donors to deliver their programmes  by providing administrative, logistical, procurement and financial support. Frannan currently manages three such offices for Global Affairs Canada, which operate in Senegal, Ghana and Bangladesh.

Since 1985, Frannan has been involved in the field of education, beginning with the supply and delivery of equipment to the University of Jordan.


The 1990’s found Frannan with contracts to supply and deliver scientific education apparatus to more than 200 secondary schools throughout Botswana for the Boipelego Education Project. This was not an easy task in a vast, sparsely populated country, where many small town and village schools are located in remote and isolated areas.  Repeat contracts have required audio-visual training, arts, mathematics and food technology equipment. More recently, Frannan has won projects to equip groups of senior secondary schools in the Seychelles and has worked on university projects in the West Indies, Botswana and Ethiopia.


Frannan’s biggest education project up until 1998, was Lesotho's Education Sector Development Project.  Frannan was appointed as the government procurement agent, to provide purchasing services and training for this project where funding agencies included the World Bank, African Development Fund, European Union, USAID and the Government of Lesotho. With a budget in excess of US$25 million, the funds were dispersed according to World Bank guidelines to procure goods and services for primary, secondary and tertiary education.  Pupils and students from more than 1,000 schools and colleges and the National University of Lesotho benefited from the project.

Frannan has been extremely active in the field of science and technology and has supplied and installed products ranging from avionics equipment for airline pilot training in Trinidad through to heavy laundry equipment and automotive engineering equipment for Vocational Training Centres in Botswana.

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