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What We Do


Frannan was founded in 1982, initially as Frannan Associates. From 1982-1985, the company was rapidly accepted into the development business and participated in the following education projects funded by the European Union:


  • Bahamas Food Technology Institute

  • Caribbean Aviation Training Institute

  • University of Jordan


Frannan Medical Ltd. was established in 1987 to service the healthcare industry overseas. The education business and the medical business were then amalgamated and Frannan Medical Ltd changed its name to Frannan International Ltd to provide overseas services in health, education, science and technology, and procurement consultancy.


As an international procurement and consultancy organisation, Frannan has successfully implemented various procurement projects for international donors in which a wide range of goods and services have been provided. In keeping with the trends of donor organisation requirements in the last few years, Frannan has also often served as a consortium member to provide procurement functions.


Major clients of Frannan and the various consortia through which it has worked include multilateral donor organisations such as the European Commission and the World Bank; bilateral donors such as DANIDA; and private sector clients which include multinationals and international contracting companies.

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