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Specialists in Procurement and Consultancy



Working With Donor Institutions, Governments and Communities to Raise Health, Wealth, and Prosperity Within the Developing World

Where We Do It


We operate in developing countries throughout Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Our previous projects have taken us to places as diverse as Angola, Lebanon, and Barbados.

Why We Do It


We believe that the right skills can assist and support development projects and programmes to deliver more effective, efficient and diverse solutions to complex development challenges.

What We Do


We work with bilateral and multilateral donors and private sector clients to help implement development projects across the globe.

Current Projects​

Dakar - Sénégal

Accra - Ghana

Dhaka - Bangladesh


Field Support Services Project (FSSP)/ Projet Canadien des Services d'Appui sur le Terrain (PSAT)


Funded by Global Affairs Canada

Frannan currently operates three Field Support Services Projects that work to support the implementation of Global Affairs Canada's development programmes in Senegal, Ghana and Bangladesh. By delivering administrative, logistical, procurement and financial support, Frannan provides access to technical expertise with local knowledge and experience that informs the design of Canada's development activities in the field.

Learn more about our FSSP projects here.

Past Projects


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