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LUANDA, ANGOLA Financial Management and Procurement Consultant for the Angola Demobilization and Rei

This project involved the creation of a Financial Management and Procurement Unit (FMPU) to provide services to Institute for Socio-Professional Reintegration of Former Military (IRSEM) under the Ministry for Social Assistance and Reintegration (MINARS), in all aspects of financial management, accounting, contracting and procurement related to the Government of Angola's Angola Demobilisation and Reintegration Program (ADRP). The funding was Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) of up to CAD$110 million and the contract was carried out in accordance with standard accepted guidelines of the World Bank, with the team Multi-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (MDRP) representing the MDTF.

Frannan performed the services with KPMG Angola as a consortium partner. The KPMG/Frannan consortium was awarded the contract of Financial Management and Procurement Services and was responsible for the organizational structure and staffing arrangements of the FMPU. The responsibilities included recruiting and hiring staff and overall management of the unit throughout the 4-year duration of the assignment. The FMPU was based in Luanda, Angola, within ½ km of IRSEM offices. The FMPU created included extensive services in the areas of complete administration for a Luanda based project staff in excess of 25 members, which included local and expatriate staff, and the overall management of the unit in Luanda and provincial project offices. In addition to financial management and procurement services, an audit department was very important to ensure that the budget spent for the procurement ended up with the end user for the intended purpose. A complete procedure manual was created and approved by stakeholders.

Creation of a Financial Management and Procurement Unit (FMPU) to provide services to IRSEM for the implementation of Angola Demobilization and Reintegration Program (ADRP). This program involved overseeing the management of MDTF of US$100 Million.

The FMPU performed all contracting, procurement, disbursement and financial management functions required under the ADRP are carried out in accordance with standard and accepted guidelines of the donor agencies- principally The World Bank. The services included training and capacity building

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